Reviews, recommendations and general impressions.

Book Review – The Stellenbosch Mafia

The Stellenbosch Mafia are a group of wealthy billionaires based in the Cape Winelands, all of whom are involved in an intricate network and control some of the largest companies in South Africa – Markus Jooste is the villain of the story…

Book Review – Fooled by Randomness (N. Taleb)

Fooled By Randomness explains how luck, uncertainty, probability, human error, risk, and decision-making work together to influence our actions, set against the backdrop of business and specifically, investing, to uncover how much bigger the role of chance in our lives is, than we usually make it out to be….

Book Review – Get South Africa Growing (B. Kantor)

Brian Kantor – former Chief Investment Strategist at Investec – makes a compelling case for the use of free market capitalism to better South Africa and provide more opportunity for all through basic economic education…

Book Review – The Education of a Value Investor (G. Spier)

In One Sentence: The Education of a Value Investor is the story of how Guy Spier turned away from his greedy, morally corrupted investment banking environment and into a true value investor by modeling his work and life after Warren Buffett and his value investing approach (source). Recommended Summary: has a fantastic – if…

Book Review – Thinking, Fast and Slow (D. Kahneman)

Kahneman’s Thinking Fast And Slow shows you how two systems in your brain are constantly fighting over control of your behaviour and actions, and teaches you the many ways in which this leads to errors in memory, judgment and decisions, and what you can do about it.

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