So We Reap

Welcome! Vineyard Holdings – both the fund and the site – are run by me, Jordan Nel. On this site I write about companies I like, thoughts I come across and books I read.

This website began as a home for my fund’s track record but has evolved into a hub from which I share my research on a range of topics. I typically post about once or twice a month. Mostly, it’s about finance, complexity, culture, technology or economics.

If you want to get in touch with me,  you’ll find my details here.

I’m passionate about wisely using money for society’s growth. Sometimes this means I’ll post reports on companies growing their environments, other times it means I’ll write about how great investors have made decisions with their money, or how I think about money and social growth in general.

I’m also pretty active on Twitter, and you can send me an email at jordsnel@vineyardholdings.net.

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