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Suggested Tools and Sites

  • Reading List – This is an Excel file complete with all the books we are currently and wish to read over the next several years. It also has all of Mohnish Pabrai’s recommended books on it and runs macros as you update the sheet to show you how many books you have read over the years. Last updated 2020.05.20
  • Farnam Street Blog is the blog of Shane Parrish, author of “The Great Mental Models”. It is all about thinking in systems and recognizing structural patterns that occur across many disciplines. A brilliant resource for decision-making. If you’re looking for a place to start, I’d recommend this article on Taleb.
  • African Markets – A website dedicated to covering African stock exchanges. One of the better resources we have for covering the more remote exchanges. Their monthly reports provide great high-level overviews of Africa’s market progressions.
  • Kinetic Energy Ventures Compilations is a blog page by Kevin G (?). He has curated thousands of pages on various investors, traders and miscellany into easy-to-access compilations. A great piece of work.
  • Junto Investments Decision-making Framework is a wonderful framework created by Oliver Sung. One of the best packaged frameworks I’ve seen.
  • The Latticework is a collection of big ideas from big disciplines. A superb resource for mental model thinking. It is coupled with The Rabbit Hole – another similar blog by the same author.
  • Masters Invest Tutorials is by far the best place I’ve seen to start your investment journey. A simplistic distillation of many ideas from the greatest investors.
  • r/SecurityAnalysis is a well populated subreddit with nearly 100k subscribers. They frequently post due diligence on international companies & update constant lists with shareholder letters.
  • MBI Deep Dives is one of my favourite websites. His twitter threads are brilliant, and his deep dives impeccable. I’m a big fan.
  • Unlike MBI, David Perell does not write too much on investing directly, however his site is still among my top 3 online. His long form essays are fantastic, his twitter feed is a dream and his collection of resources is inspiring.
  • LessWrong and its wiki are “devoted to refining the art of human rationality”. They write comprehensive articles on cognitive biases, philosophy, fallacies and theorems, all in the name of improving how people make decisions.
  • Lyall Taylor‘s blog has some great long form pieces on markets and market psychology. He’s an astute writer who always has a unique insight.
  • The Santa Fe Institute is a home for complexity research. They have some of the best whitepapers and courses around for better understanding adaptive, dynamic systems.
  • Brian Arthur’s Increasing Returns and the New World of Business is a classic in underpinning the shift to many internet age business models.
  • NZS’ Complexity Investing whitepaper is an excellent write up on portfolio construction under uncertainty.
  • Allen Farrington’s whitepaper on the Complex Market Hypothesis is another excellent summary of much of the literature around market complexity.
  • The acclaimed Nomad Partnership letters are a world class introduction to seeing investing through a truly business-firs lens.

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